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If it's feasible, it's our service

SoftWare Design

We can provide you a great architecture with variety of criteria that matter to you and us!

Back & Front Web Design

We can design your whole web application full-stack with an efficient performance.

Real time communication

We provide media communication solutions and many real time communication apps on browsers and mobile apps with webRTC!


Where we begin our journey and how we want to continue our venture

  • 2019-2020

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The Idea of this team was created back in August 2019 and we started to acquire both technical and commercial skills!

  • March 2020

    A Team is Born

    It was the beginning of pandemic in Mar 2020 and we were ready to challenge our competitors by our quality and speed, and our first projects were started and done successfully!

  • August 2020

    Transition to a mature team

    After completing several projects, our team expanded and we were able to become full-stack!

  • From now on

    We are going to...

    We plan to enter different areas of commercial technologies and become more prepared to satisfy our customers!

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Our Amazing Team

Computer engineering students at Sharif University of technologies